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The highly anticipated Dainichi auction is back with 1st day of auction starting tomorrow, 8th October 2017. Below are some selected female Dainichi nisais which we believe may be hotly bidded 😅😍


Please click below URL link for the entire list of 1st Day 2 years Female:

Despite most seasoned koi hobbyists preferring female kois over male kois mainly for the reason of females’ ability to develop much fuller bodyshape and bigger size as comparing to males; Dainichi males have been proven time and again to have the potential to develop very good bodyshape and big size too. And there are growing select of koi hobbyists that develop interest for beautiful males as they believe have less health issues unlike females that may suffer egg impaction issues. We shall take a look at some male auction nisais that we believe will be hotly contested.

Please click below two URL links for the entire list of 1st Day 2 years Male: