Koi Care Kits & Accessories

Water quality is one of the most important factor affecting fish health in koi ponds and tanks. Harmful ammonia and nitrite, and low pH from acidic fish waste is very stressful to koi and other fishes. Hence, to raise happy and healthy kois, ensuring good water quality is vital. Below are some products we use in our farm that we highly recommend to all koi hobbyists that want to achieve optimal water quality for their beloved kois.

Uni-Light Photosynthetic Bacteria for Koi Pond

Uni-Light Nitrifying Beneficial Bacteria for Koi Pond and Fish Tank (500ml)

  • Improve water quality by reducing organic matter: H2S, NH3, NO2, NO3
  • Used as food additive; rich in Protein, vitamin B12, B11, Biotin, CoEnzyme Q

Benefits of UniLight:
Unilight contains Beneficial bacteria that are very important to filter ecosystem as they help to convert harmful ammonia and nitrite from Fish waste into less harmful nitrate

Nitrate are then removed via plants such as algae and also via water change

It is also able to reduce harmful H2S that are produced from decomposing fish waste

The algae on wall is very important to the pond ecosystem as it is a plant matter that helps to remove nitrate, hence ensure better water quality for your kois

Dose 4ml per ton of water on weekly basis for best effectiveness

One capful is 5ml
One bottle is 500ml

UniLight As food additive:
It’s also good to be used as food additive like yoghurt or Yakult and helps improve digestion for fishes. Better digestibility means more nutrients, protein, minerals, vitamins can be absorbed into body, and less passed off as fish waste. UniLight is also rich in fresh protein, vitamin B12, B11, biotin and coenzyme that is beneficial to fish health

Just sprinkle a little on koi food and mix well for koi food to soak up the UniLight liquid before feeding to kois.

JPD Mud Booster For Japanese Koi Fish

  • Collected from mountain of the Yasawagi Oomori-Cho Yokote-shi Akita Japan
  • 100% natural material made of montmorillonite clay mineral (no additives)
  • Granularity as small as 0.001mm making iteasy to dissolve
  • Contains more than 16 kinds natural minerals
  • Improve water quality
  • Coagulate suspended solids/impurities in the water
  • Countermeasure for acid rain in the rainy season
  • Water becomes crystal clear
  • Koi have good digestibility
  • Improve Koi’s skin condition and shine

Sea Salt For Ornamental Fish

  • Dissolved sea salt in water at the right amount, helps fishes to grow additional slime coating on their skin, which acts as first line of defense against parasitic attacks and bacterial infection.
  • Salt bath at the right amount is also effective in treating fishes against parasites, bacteria and fungus.
  • Dose Amount:
  • The ideal salinity in pond water for kois is 0.15% salt concentration. To get 0.15% salinity, dose 1.5kg salt per 1000Litres of water.
  • When fishes are ill, salt treatment of 0.3% to 0.5% salt concentration is an effective and inexpensive treatment method. To get 0.3% salinity, dose 3kg salt per 1000Litres of water.

Oyster Shells filter media and pH buffer6kg Oyster Shells – Filter Media and pH Buffer

  • Ideal filter media for fish pond and fish tank, one of the most commonly used filter media with majority of koi breeders in Japan
  • Ideal pH buffer to neutralize acidic fish waste such as ammonia and nitrite
  • Huge surface area for good nitrifying bacteria to multiply on
  • Each bag contains 6kg of Oyster Shells, and packed in a net for easy handling

Oyster shells have dual Benefits

1. As biological filter media for beneficial nitrifying bacteria to colonize on, and they help to convert harmful ammonia and nitrite from fish waste to less harmful nitrate

2. They contain calcium carbonate that help to buffer pH by neutralizing acidic fish waste

PetFran Multi Coat Anti-Chlorine Solution 2L

  • Effective tap water conditioner
  • Neutralizes chlorine, chloramine and heavy metals
  • Helps forms and replenish protective slime coating for fishes; which aids as first line of defense against parasitic attacks
  • Buffers pH hence reducing stress on fishes
  • For neutralizing chlorine/chloramine from fresh tap water, 1 capful for every 38L of tap water
  • For treating external injuries and abrasions, 2 capfuls for every 38L of water

JPD Yellow Powder PafurazineJPD Pafurazine-F Yellow Powder

Ideal for kois suffering from symptoms such as:

  • Pinecone appearance
  • Swollen skin with haemorrhage
  • Pop eyes
  • Swollen abdomen due to dropsy
  • Separation of several scales with haemorrhage
  • Deep ulcers
  • Fin rot (tip and edge of fins become muddy white)

Dosage & Administration

Best treatment via Chemical Bath of affected kois in Tub

Chemical Bath Time Dosage
4 Hours Dissolve 5 to 10 grams of product per 100 Litres of water
24 Hours Dissolve 1 to 2 grams of product per 100 Litres of water

After Chemical Bath, return fish back to pond/tank, and dispose off the Chemical Bath water.Please ensure there are enough dissolved oxygen in tub during Chemical Bath, usually by placing a tube with air bubbles.

For more effective treatment, may repeat another Chemical Bath on the next day for the affected fish.