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Marugen Koi Farm Singapore – Quality Japanese Koi Fish For Sale In Singapore

Marugen Koi Farm Singapore is a boutique Japanese koi fish farm in Singapore that not only offers specially hand-picked high quality Imported Japanese Kois from leading breeders in Japan, such as Dainichi Koi Farm, Isa Koi Farm, Nogami Koi Farm, Omosako Koi Farm, Maruboshi Koi Farm, Matsue Koi Farm, Ikarashi Koi Farm, Sekiguchi Koi Farm, Izumiya Koi Farm, Taniguchi Koi Farm, Marusei Koi Farm, Hiroi Koi Farm, Marudo Koi Farm and Hasegawa Koi Farm; but it also breeds quality Japanese koi fishes from spawning only top grade Japan imported parent koi fishes of established Japanese koi breeding farms, and offers these quality Japanese koi for sale in Singapore to local koi dealers, fish shops, and directly to Singapore local koi hobbyists, as well as export to other countries such as Myanmar, Vietnam, Malaysia, Pakistan, Egypt, Cambodia and The Philippines.

With this, Marugen Koi Farm offers serious koi hobbyists (avid koi show participants) and koi lovers (of all koi keeping experience, including koi newbies) alike, the golden opportunity to select and acquire their favourite quality baby koi fishes from a wide range of Marugen Koi Farm’s specially culled top picks, all with immense potential to develop into excellent koi fishes (also known as Tategois), and most importantly, at affordable pricing. This is only possible in our Marugen Koi Farm, as avid koi hobbyists know such opportunity is rare in most of the renowned koi breeding farms in Japan. Koi breeders in Japan usually do not sell their top picks, and always keep their top picks till at least nisai (2 years old) and above, because they know the value of such top picks will rise many folds with time.

If you have always dream of getting a hand on Japanese koi top picks, grooming these lovely baby koi fishes to blossom into beautiful swimming koi jewels and seeing your investment rise in value, look no further to Marugen Koi Farm Singapore.

Japan Imported Koi For Sale In Singapore

**New Koi Shipment From Japan, newly arrived end Dec 2016

Handpicked Tosais from the following farms:

Dainichi Kohaku & Showa Tosais

Momotaro Showa & Kohaku Tosais

Isa Showa Tosais

Omosako Shiro Utsuri Tosais

Maruhide Doitsu Gosanke Tosais

Tamaura Gosanke Tosais

Hasegawa Kohaku Tosais

Yamajyu Shusui & Ginrin Snow Asagi Tosais

Sakazume Yamabuki Ogon Tosais

Tanaka Mixed Tosais

Handpicked Nisais & Sansais from the following farms:

Dainichi Showa Nisais

Dainichi Auction Female Showa; offspring of Mgacha – coming to Marugen Koi Farm soon #marugenkoifarm #dainichikoifarm

A photo posted by Marugen Koi Farm (@marugenkoifarm) on

Taniguchi Kohaku & Sanke Nisais

Marudo Kohaku & Sanke Nisais

Marudo Sanke Nisai Tategoi for Azukari Please visit us @ www.marugenfishfarm.com #marugenkoifarm #marudokoifarm

A video posted by Marugen Koi Farm (@marugenkoifarm) on

Sekiguchi Showa Nisais

Omosako Shiro Utsuri Nisais

Omosako Koi Farm; posing with Sacho Takayoshi Omosako san

A photo posted by Marugen Koi Farm (@marugenkoifarm) on

Shinoda Hi Utsuri Nisais

Hiroi Ginrin Gosanke Nisais & Showa Sansai

Marujyu Tancho Kohaku Nisais

Marukyu Tancho Kohaku Nisais & Kohaku/Sanke Sansais

Marusei Gosanke & Kujaku Nisais

Maruhiro Gosanke & Doitsu Ogon Nisais

All are welcome to have non-obligatory visit to our farm to view the newly arrived kois.

Our Marugen Koi Farm is located in the countryside Singapore at:
8 Lim Chu Kang Lane 9A
Singapore 718877

*(Please click on our highlighted address above for easier access to locate us in Google Map)

Contact Us Via


Interested in any of the above Koi Fishes and many more specially selected top handย picks, please fill in your contact details below, and we will contact you soonest possible.

Alternatively, You May Contact Us Via


(Due to limited manpowers, we like to apologize that we may not always be at the farm the whole day. In order to avoid any disappointment, please leave your contact above, or contact us via SMS/iMessage/Viber/Line/Whatsapp @ 97459730 or 97594481, and we will get back with you shortly to arrange for a Marugen Koi Farm visit. Thanks in advance for your kind patience.)

(Please bookmark and visit this site whenever you wish, as we will regularly post our own Marugen farm bred quality koi for sale, for your pleasure.)

4 thoughts on “Koi For Sale”

  1. Craig Johnson said:

    Hi I’m looking to buy some koi 2 inches

  2. Hanifah Sujoko said:

    i’m kinda looking for some butterfly type… do you have some?
    and do you ship worldwide? i live in Indonesia

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