Tamasaba For Sale

Tamasaba is a rare Japanese variety of goldfish with body shape similar to the Ryukin and single fantail that is more similar to Koi. It comes in red and white colours, like Kohaku, and solid red like Benigoi. This attractive and powerful swimmer makes it a suitable pond fish as well as aquarium fish. The Tamasaba originated from the Yamagata Prefecture in northern Japan. This cute looking yet very confident goldfish is now popular with many koi hobbyists as it strives well in koi pond, and is able to compete for food with its much bigger distant relatives; Kois. Hence, increasing number of Koi Breeders in Japan have ventured into breeding Tamasabas as the demand for Tamasabas with koi hobbyists continue to rise steadily.

Tamasbas – Great Companions with Kois in Pond

Tamasabas make great companions with their much bigger distant relatives, Kois. They may not be big, but they are highly confident like Chagois, and will compete with the bigger kois for food. Take a look at the instagram video of how our Tamasabas in Marugen Koi Farm compete with kois during feeding time.

Newly Japan Imported Handpicked Tamasabas For Sale at Marugen Koi Farm: