Press Releases

Thanks to our partners and the press that got interested in what we are doing as koi farmers in urbanized Singapore, they prepared YouTube videos and press releases that  help share our story as Marugen Koi Farm and also our passion as koi farmers.

SG Bearded Aquarist Visit Marugen Koi Farm

Customer sharing buying experience with Marugen Koi Farm Singapore

Vietnam main TV channel VTV visit Marugen Koi Farm Singapore

Schneider Electric partners Marugen Koi Farm

Schneider Electric partners Marugen Koi Farm to help ensure reliability in our farm’s electrical system. Check out the YouTube video below how Schneider Electric’s #PowerTag helps to keep passion alive for Marugen Koi Farm and prevents prolonged power failures in our Koi Farm. It’s critical for Marugen Koi Farm to have power runs for 24/7. With #Powertag and #Smartlink system, we’re glad that #SchneiderElectric has improved our humble fish farm operations. #EcoStruxure #IoT #InnovationAtEveryLevel #LifeIsOn #SESG #SchneiderElectric

Marugen Koi Farm On Gekkan Nishikigoi Japanese Magazine

The Chief Editor of Gekkan Nishikigoi ; Baba san, heard about our farm from koi breeders in Japan, and was intrigued by what we were doing as a new koi farm start-up. He decided to pay a visit at our farm when he visited Singapore for the 9th Asia Cup Koi Show that was held in Singapore. He came together with JPD Boss, Ryuichi Yoshida san, and a supposedly scheduled short meet-up, turned out to be several hours of chatting about kois and our farm story. We were pleasantly surprised when he mailed us the Gekkan Nishikigoi magazine; and in it, an article write-up about Marugen Koi Farm. We are honored to be featured; much thanks to Baba san.

Gekkan Nishikigoi is a leading Koi Magazine publisher in Japan; and is very popular among Japanese koi breeders and Japanese koi hobbyists, as well as hobbyists all around the world.

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