Marugen offers several modes of payments. Besides the traditional payment methods as cash payment, cheque payment and bank transfer. Marugen also offers Online Payment Alternatives, as the following:

  1. PayNow! using QR Code or Mobile Number
  2. Credit Cards Online Payment via PayPal (No PayPal Account needed)
  3. PayLah! with DBS

1. PayNow! with Participating Banks in Singapore

PayNow! with our QR Code:

PayNow! with our Mobile Number:

Recipient’s Mobile No: 9759 4481
Recipient’s Nickname: Fergus Yeo (Marugen Koi Farm)

Recipient’s Mobile No: 9745 9730
Recipient’s Nickname: Johnny Yeo (Marugen Koi Farm)

Watch YouTube video below: How to send money using PayNow!

2. PayNow! with Credit Cards using PayPal

Click below to PayNow! with Credit Cards and Debit Cards through PayPal
Secure Payments by PayPal
(*No PayPal Account Needed!)

3. PayLah! with DBS

PayLah! by scanning our QR Code below:

DBS Paylah QR Code (Johnny Yeo Marugen Koi Farm)

PayLah! with Our Mobile Number:
Recipient’s Mobile No: 97459730
Recipient’s Nickname: Johnny Yeo