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Where to buy Marugen koi fish in Singapore?

Marugen Koi Farm Singapore
Koi hobbyists are always welcome to visit our Marugen Koi Farm, nestled among the lush foliage of Lim Chu Kang countryside in Singapore, and surrounded by the nature and greeneries; a place to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, where you can relax and experience the tranquility of countryside Singapore and rustic “Kampung feel”, and at the same time, the luxury to view, admire and select your favourite Specially Hand-Picked High Quality Imported Japanese Kois from leading breeders in Japan, as well as Marugen Koi Farm Bred Japanese kois from a wide range of koi types and koi varieties, and most importantly at very affordable and reasonable pricing.

Our Marugen Koi Farm is located in the countryside Singapore at:
8 Lim Chu Kang Lane 9A
Singapore 718877

*(Please click on our highlighted address above for easier access to locate us in Google Map)
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Contact Us Via

+6597459730 (Singapore / Johnny)
+6597594481 (Singapore / Fergus)
+60122678287 (Malaysia / WY Chan)
+84963539850 (Vietnam / Victor)
+9595050505 (Myanmar / TN Koi) 


Marugen Fish Farm Group Photo

Marugen Koi Farm Family
Thanks in advance for your kind patience, and we at Marugen Koi Farm warmly welcome you to your Marugen Koi Farm visit! =)

We are open everyday from 10am to 5pm, but may be subjected to changes depending on daily schedule, hence we appreciate if you could kindly message or call to make an appointment so that we can schedule our time for your visit.

Please find below a summary of our opening hours:
Sat – 10am to 5pm
Sun – 10am to 5pm
Mon – 10am to 5pm
Tue – 10am to 5pm
Wed – 10am to 5pm
Thu – 10am to 5pm
Fri – 10am to 5pm

Farm Address
Marugen Koi Farm Address:
Lot 18, 8 Lim Chu Kang Lane 9A
Singapore 718877

*(Please click on our highlighted address above for easier access to locate us in Google Map)

Contact Number
Contact Us Via

+6597459730 (Singapore / Johnny Yeo)
+60122678287 (Malaysia / WY Chan)
+9595050505 (Myanmar / TN Koi Farm)


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4 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. fahad hallak said:

    I am student in Aquaculture at malaysian univeristy. I would like to do a training in your fish farm

  2. Hi, do you have cleaner -sucker fish for a Koi pond ? What do you recommend as species to keep the pond clean ? Thanks

    • Hi Kerdraon

      Generally we don’t keep sucker fishes in koi ponds, as kois can also do the same work as sucker fishes in nibbling the algae off the wall and floor bed of pond.

      To keep pond clean, most important is to ensure the filter system is maintained and washed regularly, and be careful not to overstock the pond so that the water quality stays good. Thanks!

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