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Marugen Koi Farm is pleased to showcase the growth development of another Marugen Showa, raised in our mud pond facility in Singapore. The comparison is made between a picture taken when the showa was only 3 months old, and a recent video clip taken when the same koi fish is now about 5 months old.

At first glance, the 3 months old Marugen Showa (as per picture showcase below) may not appeal to many. But if one look carefully, she actually has a lovely side in her; a basic and simple 3-steps kohaku pattern on white shiroji skin, which is well-balanced by underlying sumi (sumi hidden under the white shiroji skin). What matters now is if the underlying sumi will surface from under her white skin, to make her a more complete showa!

Marugen Showa Tategoi @ 3 months old Offspring of Night Trilium (Female Oyagoi: Momotaro Mako Showa) Product of Marugen Fish Farm, Singapore

Marugen Showa Tategoi @ 3 months old
Offspring of “Night Trilium”
Female Oyagoi “Night Trilium” is a Showa bred by Momotaro Koi Farm
Product of Marugen Fish Farm, Singapore

Please enjoy the video clip of the same Marugen Showa, now at 5 months old.

Within a short period of 3 months, her underlying sumi is starting to surface prominently; which helps to provide a simple yet attractive uniformed-pattern of thick red beni, developing black sumi and snow white shiroji. Without doubt, this Marugen Showa is beginning to blossom into a very high quality and beautiful young showa Tategoi. A classic example of an “ugly duckling” developing into a “graceful and beautiful swan”. With proper grooming, she definitely has a very bright future ahead of her.

This Marugen Showa is currently being groomed in our Marugen Koi Farm’s mud pond facility; where minerals and nutrients that are found naturally in the mud pond, act as essential health supplements for kois to grow healthy and develop better.