These lovely kohakus are offsprings of Momotaro Female Parent Koi (“Ms MK”) X Dainichi Male Parent Koi. Female Oyagoi “Ms MK” is a big kohaku bred by Momotaro Koi Farm.

At only 4 months plus, and just recently harvested from mud pond, the above young tategois are just a few of many special hand picks, available for sale at Marugen Koi Farm.

Note: Dear friends, thanks for your kind interests. All three kohakus have been SOLD. We still have many beautiful top hand picks available for sale at Marugen Koi Farm. Please feel free to fill in your details below to arrange a non-obligatory visit to our farm to view the other lovely fishes available.

If you have interest in any of the above kohakus, please feel free to fill in your contact details below, indicating the fish of interest to request for quotation, and we will contact you soonest possible.
(Besides Kohaku, we also offer other Japanese koi varieties, such as Taisho Sanke, Kujaku, Showa, Shiro Utsuri, Kin Matsuba, Metallic Ochiba, Karashigoi, Chagoi, Benigoi; from pond grade quality to high quality Tategois and Japan Imported High Quality Kois, available for sale)

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Viewing strictly by appointment basis only.
(Due to limited manpowers, we like to apologize that we may not always be possible to cater to walk-in customers. In order to avoid any disappointment, please leave your contact above, or contact us via SMS/iMessage/Viber/Line/Whatsapp @ 97459730, and we will get back with you shortly to arrange for a Marugen Koi Farm visit. Thanks in advance for your kind patience.)

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