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Marugen Koi Farm is pleased to present 3 pcs of lovely Maruten Kohaku Kois, available for sale in Singapore. Ideal for all Maruten lovers, these kohakus possess excellent skin quality; bright red beni and porcelain white shiroji!

They are offsprings of our female Oyagoi named “M Tanchozuru“, a beautiful Tancho Kohaku, her second spawn with Marugen Fish Farm. She is bred by Sakai Fish Farm.

Maruten Kohaku

Maruten Kohaku

Maruten Kohaku

Female Parent Oyagoi “M Tanchozuru”:

“M Tanchozuru” is an offspring of “Love Queen”, and is bred by Sakai Fish Farm

Interested to view these lovely Marugen’s Maruten Kohaku Koi Fishes and many more Kohaku Koi as well as other specially selected “M Tanchozuru” top offspring picks, please fill in your contact details below, and we will contact you soonest possible to arrange an appointment to visit our farm.

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