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Marugen Koi Farm is excited to showcase the sumi development of our Marugen’s bred Kinginrin Shiro Utsuri.

The picture on the left below was taken just before the 18th Singapore Koi Show (25th-27th April 2014). It was 3.5 months old and measuring at 13cm then. During the koi show, this shiro went on to win 1st Prize in the Kinginrin Group A, 15BU category.

The picture on right below is the same fish, taken a month later, now measuring at 20cm. Notice the amazing sumi development of this shiro, within just a short span of 1 month, not forgetting the rapid growth from 13cm to 20cm over the same timeline.

An Offspring of “Black Beauty”, this kinginrin shiro utsuri has solid body conformation, and possess excellent skin quality; thick sparkling ginrin scales, shiny deep black sumi, and porcelain white shiroji skin. It’s mother parent koi “Black Beauty” is a Shiro Utsuri from Omosako Koi Farm.

YouTube clip taken before 18th Singapore Koi Show (25-27 April 2014):

YouTube clip taken a month later:

During this one month growth period, this kinginrin shiro utsuri was kept in our Marugen Koi Farm’s mud pond facility; where minerals and nutrients that are found naturally in the mud pond, act as essential health supplements for kois to grow healthy and develop better. This fish has now been sold and shifted to its new home sweet home.

Interested to view other quality Shiro Utsuri siblings, as well as many more specially selected top picks, please fill in your contact details below, and we will contact you soonest possible to arrange an appointment to visit our farm. Alternatively, you may email us at koi@marugenfishfarm.com