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Marugen Koi Farm is pleased to post an update on our baby koi fries, that have survived through their most vulnerable period since being released into the mud pond, where baby fish-fries eating predators such as dragonfly nymphs, water beetles, water spiders and other carniverous water insects are found naturally. That is not to say that many unfortunate baby koi fries have lost their lives to these merciless predators, some under our own helpless eyes, which needless to say was very painful to watch.

Now at about 1 week old, the baby koi fries are bigger, healthier and strong enough to ward off majority of the predators. But danger is still lurking, especially with the bigger predators such as the dragonfly nymphs and the water spiders, and Marugen Koi Farm is keeping its fingers cross that most of these baby koi fries will be able to last through at least another week of danger zone, before the same baby koi fries are big enough to switch “predator-prey” roles, and now become the predators, feeding on their former predators that have previously preyed on their innocent and sacrificial siblings!

If you look closely into the video clips, you will notice that some of the baby koi fries carry some black sumi markings, which means they can grow up to become either Taisho Sanke, Aka Bekko or Shiro Bekko. This is expected, as while the female parent fish is a Kohaku, the male parent fishes are made up of Taisho Sankes and Kohakus. Hence, the rest of baby koi fries are expected to develop into Kohaku and Aka Muji (or Benigoi).

These baby koi fries are offsprings of our new female parent fish, “M Tanchozuru“.

“M Tanchozuru” is a beautiful and snow white Tancho Kohaku, bred by the world renowned Japanese Koi breeding farm, Sakai Fish Farm, which happens to be the new World Record Koi Farm holder for the Most Expensive Auction Koi Fish, for a Sakai Sanke in the recent Sakai Fish Farm Koi Auction 2013.

Click here to see “M Tanchozuru”, Marugen Koi Farm’s new female oyagoi, along with the other male parent koi fishes.