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Marugen Koi Farm is delighted to update that the koi eggs spawned by our new female Oyagoi “M Tanchozuru“, has hatched. There are so many baby koi fries. Now comes the hard work and patience to painstakingly nurture the baby koi fries. The first 2 weeks are the most vulnerable period for the baby koi fries, and a lot of time and loving care is required to ensure the safety of the baby koi fries. Click here to see “M Tanchozuru”, Marugen Koi Farm’s new female oyagoi, along with the other male parent koi fishes.

Meantime, please enjoy a short video of our baby koi fries, on the first day of hatching 🙂

Marugen Baby Koi Fries Hatched @ Day 1
Offspring of “M Tanchozuru”
Female Oyagoi “M Tanchozuru” is a Tancho Kohaku bred by Sakai Fish Farm
Product of Marugen Koi Farm, Singapore