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  1. Do you ship the fish to the United States?

  2. So pretty !!

  3. Tan Chern Ling said:

    It was a very enjoyable experience to visit this farm. A laidback place with friendly owners who were very willing to assist with the koi selection. The Marugen-bred kois are of surprisingly high quality, given that they are locally bred, and are no different than the Japan-imported ones. Love the reasonable prices as well. Highly recommended!

  4. We have similar vision we also breed imported kois from japan and sell our produce in lower price

  5. I am from the UK, do you ship there?

  6. John Austin said:

    I love your website. Your koi are top quality.

  7. Steevayn said:

    Marugen Koi Farm is by far the best. Although I have not visited before due to time constraint, my experience in communicating with the owner was a very pleasant one. I had spoken to a Johnny ( if I’m not wrong). His public relation over the phone was excellent as he attended to my queries patiently. Marugen Koi Farm is a true example of entrepreneurship where public relation plays a crucial part in having more and retaining existing customers, in a business than the business itself. I will definitely be making Marugen my one and only destination for getting my future koi fishes. By the looks of the fishes, it is a certainty that the fishes Marugen carries are top quality.

    • Dear Steevayn, thank you so much for your very kind compliment. We look forward to your non-obligatory visit to our farm! Cheers πŸ™‚
      Warmest regards

  8. Hello, can I share your blog post to my blog site too? thanks

  9. Hi, I was wondering after the first few weeks can I feed my baby Koi dry pellets

    • Hi chao, yes of course u may as long as their mouth is big enough to eat the small pellets. If your pellets too big, u can grind to smaller pcs before feeding the baby Kois

  10. Hi , do you sell koi fries? Would like to purchase some. If so how much?

  11. Craig Johnson said:

    Hi I’m looking to buy some koi 2 inches

  12. Hanifah Sujoko said:

    i’m kinda looking for some butterfly type… do you have some?
    and do you ship worldwide? i live in Indonesia

  13. Hi,
    Do you have koi breeding classes? I have been raring koi for long time now but never trying breeding and now am interested in koi breeding. If you have a class please ket me know, i will be in Singapore next Thursday perhaps i can visit your farm first.

    Omar KJ

    • Dear Omar

      Very sorry to miss your message. Sorry we don’t have koi breeding class, but you are most welcome to visit our farm, and we can share our experiences on koi breeding. Cheers.

  14. Arnt Htoo Aung said:

    I am a koi hobbyist from Yangon, Myanmar. I would like to make a visit to your farm during my few days visit to S’pore. Please let me know if I could come there between 10th to 14th next week.
    If I would like to buy some koi is it possible to carry back by Silk Air? Or can you arrange shipment to Yangon by air cargo?
    Ant Htoo Aung

  15. Jhonny is a remarkable character. Really good human, very helpful.

    He take as much as time to communicate with his clients, what I felt was rather money he gives more incompetence on customer satisfaction.

    Good job Jhonny, wish you all the best with you and your business.

  16. Jhonny is a remarkable character. Really good human, very helpful.

    He take as much as time to communicate with his clients. What I felt was, he gives more importance on customer satisfaction.

    Good job Jhonny, wish you all the best with you and your business.

  17. Hi. im actually lookin for some 6-10inches kohaku and curious bout its prices.

    • Dear Emel, we have several price range for 6-10 inches depending on quality and farms they are from.

      May I know which country you are from?

      If singapore, you are most welcome to have non-obligatory visit to our farm to view the fishes

      If another country, please feel free to whatsapp me @ +6597459730, so we can assist you as much as possible.

      Look forward to hearing from you.

      Thanks and regards

      Johnny Yeo / Marugen Koi Farm

  18. I am very keen in the JPD Koi pellets, but I am living in South Africa. Any chance of me to get a few bags of Koi food.

  19. Hi your kois are awesome!!!!! May I know how much is the price of a black spotted kohaku??? Thanks a bunch!!!πŸ˜ƒ

    • Hi Ernest, thanks for your kind compliment. May I know what u mean by Black spotted Kohaku? Are u referring to Sanke?

      Anyway, we have several price range for Kois depending on quality and size. You are most welcome to have non-obligatory visit our farm to view our Kois available for sale πŸ™‚

      Thanks and regards
      Johnny 97459730
      Fergus 97594481

    • Thanks for your kind compliment Ernest.

      Black spotted kohaku?? May I know if you are refering to Sanke? or Showa?

  20. Who is your partner here in the Philippines?

  21. fahad hallak said:

    I am student in Aquaculture at malaysian univeristy. I would like to do a training in your fish farm

  22. Hi, do you have cleaner -sucker fish for a Koi pond ? What do you recommend as species to keep the pond clean ? Thanks

    • Hi Kerdraon

      Generally we don’t keep sucker fishes in koi ponds, as kois can also do the same work as sucker fishes in nibbling the algae off the wall and floor bed of pond.

      To keep pond clean, most important is to ensure the filter system is maintained and washed regularly, and be careful not to overstock the pond so that the water quality stays good. Thanks!

  23. Dooshan juggoo said:

    Dear sir .
    I am from mauritius. I want to import 300 mixed varieties of koi. Can you please tell me how much it will cost.

  24. You are most welcome to visit Giovanni. Meantime, you may like to follow us on our Marugen Facebook Page @ http://www.facebook.com/marugenkoifarm or our Marugen Instagram Page @ http://www.instagram.com/marugenkoifarm
    Cheers and have a good day ahead.

  25. want some 3-4″ koi about 50 pcs

  26. Can only envy and admire from the side.
    They are beautiful.

  27. have butterfly koi ?

  28. Do you ship the fish to the Sri Lanka?

  29. Very helpful and friendly young man. Fergus Yeo spent more than 1 hour on my queries without obligation to purchase anything from the farm. A very kind man.

    • Marugen Koi Farm said:

      Many thanks for your very kind compliment Mr Ong. We look forward towards your visit again; and feel free to contact us whenever you have any queries regarding kois. Thanks

  30. EDMAR GULLIMAS said: