JPD Premium Koi Food For Sale

Japan Pet Design Company; commonly known by the brandname as JPD, has a proud history of experience and credence of over 200 years as an ornamental fish breeder, a fish medicine manufacturer, and a fish food producer. For JPD Koi food, JPD’s mission is to protect the health and increase the vitality of Kois in Japan and throughout the world. With its rich knowledge & experience, and its co-operation with the National fisheries University, JPD has been developing many different varieties of high-quality health-fortified koi food products that have been widely accepted in the koi market, used by koi hobbyists all around the world. The use of JPD Koi food by seasoned koi hobbyists that frequently participated in koi shows, have also helped produced many Champions in Koi Shows all around the world.

At Marugen Koi Farm Singapore, we feed only high quality Japanese made koi food from trusted and established brands such as JPD Koi Food and Saki-Hikari Koi Food. JPD Premium Koi Food and Saki-Hikari Koi Food are two of the most widely used koi food brands by many koi breeders in Japan to grow, develop and groom their kois. These Japan imported koi food are now available for sale at Marugen Koi Farm Singapore at affordable prices, so that our fellow koi hobbyists can also pamper their precious kois with only the finest koi feed that are used by famous Japan Koi Breeders, such as Dainichi Koi Farm, Dainichi Toyota Koi Farm, Narita Koi Farm, Marudo Koi Farm, Momotaro Koi Farm, Marujyu Koi Farm, Taniguchi Koi Farm, Omosako Koi Farm, just to name a few.

Below is a range of JPD Premium Koi Food available for sale at Marugen’s Online Koi Food Shopping Store.