Koi Medicine

As much as we love our kois to stay healthy and feed well always, unfortunately, like all living things, kois can sometimes fall ill as they are susceptible to diseases caused by parasitic attacks, bacterial infection and/or fungal infection. During this time, it is vital to treat promptly and appropriately with the right koi medication to help kois recover from the sickness.

The key to koi treatment is to first identify the symptoms the kois are suffering from, and then prescribe the appropriate koi medicine, and dose the recommended amount.

Below are a range of commonly used medications for koi treatment in the koi industry. Identify the symptoms your koi is suffering from, and then determine which medication is appropriate.

JPD Refish 100grams

Ideal for kois suffering from symptoms due to parasitic attacks such as:

  • Fishes gathering at water surface gasping air
  • White patches of lesions on body and fins
  • Fish flashing (rubbing against the floor bed)
  • Visible signs of worms attached to fish body and fins

JPD Pafurazine-F Yellow Powder

Ideal for kois suffering from symptoms such as:

  • Pinecone appearance
  • Swollen skin with haemorrhage
  • Pop eyes
  • Swollen abdomen due to dropsy
  • Separation of several scales with haemorrhage
  • Deep ulcers
  • Fin rot (tip and edge of fins become muddy white)